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dear self,

Please understand that the world isn’t ending. I know that it feels like everything is falling apart but do not forget that change brings new experiences, that new experiences help you grow, and that growing as a person is the goal. I know this isn’t easy on you. You worry so much about the health, safety, and general welfare of your little family. You worry about school, jobs, and not becoming another stereotypical military spouse. I know you just want to do your best and I know that it feels like all for nothing, but trust me when I tell you that things will be okay and that these things take time. You’re only in your twenties. It’s okay not to know where your life is going, just remember that you aren’t alone. Nothing is ever smooth sailing and, as you’ve read countless times, a smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor anyways or, in the case of army or air force, a clear sky never made for a capable pilot. You must weather the storm.

Believe in yourself, I believe in you.

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